About GTR Medical Group

GTR Medical is a privately held, Texas-based clinical service provider and medical device distributor. Since 2011, the team at GTR Medical has been dedicated to bringing early-stage innovation from concept to implementation in clinical practice.

We got our start after noticing an opportunity for streamlined processes in medical device distribution. Our end goal is to deliver our products from manufacturer to the site of clinical implantation quickly and safely.

Our initial focus was on spine devices, but as we have grown, so too have our interests. The product lines we feature represent many different medical fields, ranging from spine devices to biologics to orthopedic implants.

Our partner facility, North Lake Laboratory, is an additional endeavor of which we are tremendously proud. We employ highly trained, hard-working lab technicians whose primary focus is on accuracy. However, our lab has earned a reputation as an expedient, reasonably priced outlet for all manner of clinical testing.